Canon PowerShot S110 Review For Vlogging and Video

Canon PowerShot S110 comes as a small, pocket camera which still offers plenty of features and advantages, compared to its rivals. For example, the CMOS sensor is super-sensitive and the image quality is superb. It should be taken into consideration as one of the models suitable for vlogging and we will reveal why.


The design of the Canon PowerShot S110 is more sophisticated than you would expect. It comes with a flash which can be hidden inside a camera and pulled when needed. Although this feature isn’t extremely important, it makes the entire camera look much more appealing and more sophisticated.


On the back, you will notice a large, full-width LCD. It is a 3-inch unit and offers decent quality. In a matter of fact, the resolution is 460k, sufficient for most of you. LCD itself provides great visibility in all conditions and it is resistant to scratches.


Usability of the camera in question is something all of us appreciate. First of all, it is compact, yet loaded with most of the features vlogging requires. Using it is incredibly simple as well. There are no complicated controls and thanks to the aforementioned display, each control and setting are available within a matter of seconds, not minutes.

You should know that the Canon PowerShot S110 is a replacement model of the S100. It uses the same CMOS sensor and the megapixel count, although, it offers the highest ISO capabilities. Now, you can record with ISO 12800 when standing perfectly still.


Build quality is worthy of Canon. The entire camera is well-made and the manufacturer used strong, yet lightweight materials. High-quality plastics is the main material here, but stainless steel and metals are present as well.

user interface


The dimensions of the model are 98.8 x 59 x 26.7mm, while the total weight is 198 grams. For video production, these are additional advantages you should take into consideration. S110 is slimmer than the previous model, but other dimensions are exactly the same.

Now we will reveal one reason which makes the camera in question even more appreciated. The entire surface is coated in order to provide a much better handling and grip. The old and good hand grip aren’t present anymore at the front.

Besides the coating, which is desirable, you get a thumb rest which has been designed for the same purpose. Overall, using the camera is easy, thanks to the building techniques Canon implemented.

What does it offer for Vlogging?

Vlogging requires a set of special features in order to meet the demands of a user. There is no need in mentioning that cameras for vlogging are different than conventional models. Let’s find out if the S110 is going to meet the requirements like HDR-CX240 does in this review:

Video quality

Obviously, video quality is essential for vlogging. A camera with a low resolution can be responsible for lower subscription rate on YouTube or etc. Luckily, the Canon PowerShot S110 records in 1080p resolution, which is just right.

The video quality you will get is precisely what you are going to need. The bare minimum for this application is 720p and anything below it shouldn’t be even taken into consideration!

Several shooting models are implemented as well. Each one can make a difference in recording, obviously. We liked the Shutter priority, HDR and custom models, but other ones are available as well. In total, there are 11 modes.


Is weight something worth mentioning here? Most of you, especially beginners believe that the weight of a camera isn’t important for vlogging. Actually, it is and all professionals know that. Low weight is always a much better alternative, due to the fact it increases the practicality and makes the end result much better.

Usually, the weight of a camera isn’t mandatory, but for vlogging, where you may have to hold an extension stick for more than a few minutes, even the smallest difference in weight, has a huge difference on the overall effect. Canon PowerShot S110 weighs 198 grams, so it is definitely a model, suitable for usages on extension stick.

Image Stabilization

Every now and then, a vlogger will have to record a video while walking or making moves. Yes, computer software can assist you with this but it is far from perfect. The solution is the image stabilization. It allows you to maintain the quality and the stability while recording a video.

It allows you something more. It can be adjusted to use image stabilization while you record only while moving a camera to a specific angle or the whole time. This feature solely made the model one of very desirable digital cameras for vloggers. The bottom line is that you get a camera with 4-stop image stabilization with 6 modes.

Audio quality

Audio quality is of huge importance for cameras vloggers use. The S110 does the job decently. It has a built-in mic which will record audio without plenty of background noise, so the video quality is above average.

Sadly, there is no jack for an external microphone, which may be an issue for some vloggers. Overall, the sound quality this digital camera will provide, when playing its videos is sufficient for most vloggers, but isn’t great for those who will record videos when there is too much background noise.


The lens of the S110 does a fine job in providing needed quality of videos. It features 5x zoom and it has a base called Control Ring, which allows you to adjust the shooting preferences while turning the base. Furthermore, the f/2.0 lens provides 2 times more light than other alternatives and it is highly effective for this application.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Lens is perfect for vlogging
  • Video quality overall
  • Image stabilization comes with 6 different modes
  • Very easy to use
  • Manual exposure is outstanding
  • Battery life is an issue
  • On/off button could be designed better
  • Lack of handgrip

Additional features Canon PowerShot S110 has to offer

There are a few more features and additions you should be aware of. Before purchasing the model here, it would be recommended to pay attention to the additional points mentioned below.

Battery life

The battery of S110 is located below the LCD and it is a removable unit. It is capable of providing energy for 200 shots (when the flash is disabled) or up 4 hours of replay. It isn’t the best in the class, but it is relatively sufficient for most users.

Keep in mind that using flash will significantly reduce the life span of a battery and in those cases, you may get around 100 shots. Of course, the quality of video/image and the outdoor temperature affect the battery life.

High-speed AF

High-speed AF comes as a nice addition here. As a matter of fact, it is 29% better than the S100 model had to offer. Shooting time is 38% shorter or better said, it is 0.25 seconds, compared to 0.40 seconds older model reached.

s110 design

Intelligent IS

This feature is essential when you don’t want to use a tripod. The camera senses the movement and automatically chooses the most suitable method to reverse the movement in the video and provide optimal stabilization. We can even say that the Canon PowerShot S110 is a leader in this field.


The camera in question obviously comes with a memory card support. An interesting fact is that the manufacturer didn’t reveal the maximum size of supported memory cards! Just in case, we will reveal that it works perfectly with SD cards of 256 GB.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Yes, the Canon S110 comes with built-in Wi-Fi. It can be used for connection with a smartphone or tablet or a computer. Transferring the images and videos is much easier thanks to this feature and it is definitely a much better to have it available than to use cables or Bluetooth. In addition, HDMI support is available as well.


The performance of the Canon PowerShot S110 is perfectly balanced with the price. It has 12MP CMOS sensor, comes with Wi-Fi and additional features such as superior image stabilization, 11 modes, and appealing display. Overall, you will be able to record just right videos and take images which will be appreciated.

We must add that high-speed AF and faster shooting are some of the best advantages this point and shoot camera has to offer. If we compare them with the predecessor, we can notice how much this camera is actually better and more suitable for video making.


At the end, we will have to summarize the impressions of the Canon S110 review. It is a great choice for ordinary users and definitely a worthy alternative for vloggers. If you are one of them, you should know that it provides all you are going to need, but nothing more. Without any doubt, it will meet most of your requirements, so you will be able to use it for a longer period of time, or until your vlog starts making a profit.

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