Canon XF100 Review for Vlogging and Video

In the age of digital technology, vloggers are faced with the pressure of producing high-quality content. The Canon XF100 Camcorder comes with innovative design paired with multifunctional features to let you live the dream of becoming a YouTube sensation!

To get you started, for this review, we’ve gathered some important facts about Canon XF100’s features, design, and functions. We have also listed the pros and cons to help guide you in choosing the best video camera for your vlogging needs.

Note: This camera is quite expensive for a usual vlogger and it is designed for professional video production. With that said, if you are looking for a budget digital camera, I suggest to check out this one

The Lowdown on Canon XF100: Design and Features

The XF100 prides itself as one of the lightest, most compact Canon camcorder. With its light weight mass and portability, you can fit this in a variety of needs. For vloggers, the Canon XF100 promises of keeping up with their active lifestyle.

This can be easily compared with Canon XF300 and XF305 Professional Camcorders. Some of their notable similar features include the Compact Flash and Canon XF Codec, although the XF100 on its own introduces more exciting features.

This pro camera is equipped with a range of camcorder applications that produce high image quality, efficient processing, and maximum portability. It also has infrared camera recording and true stereoscopic 3D production that allows you to channel your creativity.

Using the Canon’s XF Codec, a MPEG-2 file-based compression with MXF File Wrapper, it ensures the widest range of compatibility with other existing video formats, including metadata and nonlinear editing.

Canon XF Codec’s 4:2:2 color sample offers super fine video transitions you can play around with tone and color to generate the highest image quality possible needed for post-production processing and final editing.

Canon also developed the new feature called Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens that delivers stunning video quality. It has the native 1920 x 1080 CMOS Image Sensor. You will also see multiple bit rates, frame rates and resolutions.

Canon XF100 Vlogging Review

If you are a professional vlogger or just mapping out your way to become one, this beast of a camera helps you maximize your craft in an effortless manner. It comes with features such as HD resolution, hassle-free post-production and minimal to zero glitches while editing.

  • Convenient Shooting

To give your best video content online, you need to have the right equipment that can satisfy your demand for creativity. This one delivers the finest dots per pixels for a high-quality image content.

The camera’s resolution is set to default which is the highest but you can also adjust the size and frame to fit your needs.

  • Smooth Editing Process

Vloggers generally do not have that much time editing. That is why it is best to have a camcorder you can shoot-to-edit your videos. This basically means that there won’t be a need for rigorous editing because the raw file is already supreme.

It is also equipped with stabilization feature which lets you take videos in motion. This is good for editing because it won’t eat up much time reducing noise.

  • Hassle-Free Post-Production

Some applications crash or shut down when editing heavy video files. This Canon offers video footages that smoothly import on your video editing software such as Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro.

It also does not create any glitches and eat up your computer’s random access memory (RAM) storage. This is good when you have many files to import for selection and final processing.

Weighing-in Canon XF100: The Pros and the Cons

While the Canon XF100 has been superseded by XF200 and XF205, it is still one of the most purchased items on eBay. Being one of the flagship camcorders of Canon, it has very well fared through the years of its reign.

  • The 50 Mbps MPEG-2 codec with 4:2:2 colorspace is superior. This sets it apart from other cameras that have the same spec sensor.
  • With the use of proper lighting, the quality of the image is stunning. All key 10 buttons can be used to its maximum extent due to its small physical body.
  • Decent and clear audio. Internal microphone functions superb despite outside noise.
  • It has customizable image profiles that let you play around with white balance, gamma, sharpening tool, etc. It has easily manipulable focus. You can punch in even while recording.
  • It has live RBG and YC. Although it takes up most of the screen, you can easily turn them off. It offers a wide angle shot equivalent to 300mm 35mm zoom in and zoom out shot.
  • Good for night shooting due to its built-in infrared feature. Menus can be accessed using joystick if you don’t want to touch the screen.
  • Designed for continuous camcorder shooting. No time or length limit and no overheating.


Now that you have discovered the wonders of this camera, let us see where it needs improvement and perhaps some feature upgrades in the future. Although this does not mean to discourage you from buying this camcorder, this just serves as a friendly notice.

  • Low-light shooting can produce a noisy performance.
  • The viewfinder can sometimes be temperamental and some mechanisms do not go well.
  • Audio switches have a tendency to become loose because they are made of plastic. If you are too close to the internal microphone, it may create feedback or unwanted noise.
  • The screen can only be flipped over to the left. The ND can only be switched from automatic to off.
  • Only one ring to switch focus, zoom, and iris. However, it is now available on XF200.
  • The 1080p resolution is only 25fps and white balance can be controlled once you have learned the hang of it. It mostly takes a couple of tries.
  • Some filters can be difficult to fit into the lens hood.

If you don’t really need that much complex and complicated camcorder features, you can just look past the cons and revel in the wonder of the pros of Canon XF100!

Other Amazing Features

The MPEG-2 compression is very reliable and flexible. It was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG, one of the most internationally used compression schemes in the video recording industry.

It is acquired over cable and satellite televisions and air broadcast channels. It’s adaptation of the MPEG-2, also named as Canon XF Codec, delivers the best compatibility video format for nonlinear editing and industry infrastructure systems.

Videos can also be wrapped into single file using the MXF file wrapper along with other important metadata.

Canon XF100 supports the best high-definition image quality with full HD resolution of 1920×1080. It can also run up to 50 Mbps bit rate. The codec’s 50 Mbps provides the bandwidth required to capture the superior resolution and color details.

Performance and Portabilitycamera hold

Vlogging is a fast-paced profession. One has to move fast to keep up with the trend. Canon XF100 boasts itself of its feather-like body mass that lets you vlog on the go. Whether you are shooting outdoors without a tripod, it has a stabilization feature.

You can also take steady videos even when the subject is running or moving around. It has a noise reduction technology that lets you take candid shots without the blur.


One of its best main features is the capability of recording continuously. The unlimited shooting duration is also an advantage for vloggers who do not want to miss any good shot. It offers up to 4 hours of battery life when used continually.

Canon XF100’s edge against its predecessor, the XA10, is its user-friendly settings. Most professionals would dread about their frustration in terms of adjusting the settings. However, others would say that this camera is only for the prosumers.

In Summary

There are many reasons why this camera is a great option for vloggers and video makers alike. It also offers unlimited features you can toggle with to your liking.

Despite being a portable, super-powered camera, it has its own limitations, too. The verdict still lies in you, but this camera is definitely worth your dime. With all the mentioned features and the camera’s design, this compact camcorder will not disappoint you.

With the Canon XF100’s spectacular performance in video recording, it promises a huge leap for the industry of vlogging. Aside from allowing its users to explore different creative channels, it also lets them work in the digital environment.

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