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How to Get Sponsored on YouTube For Small Channels

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YouTube sponsorship sounds like a lucrative way to earn money, right? It is one way to make money and have financial freedom for creative people who love vlogging. It is also quite fun to do when you get paid for doing something that you love on your own free time.

Getting a free sponsorship seems like an outrageous goal, but everything is possible if you qualify for it and follow the proper guidelines accordingly. Before you get it though, you first need to make sure you have the right qualifications.

Create Quality Content

Creating quality content will ensure that people who view your video blogs will most likely hit your YouTube Subscribe button. It’s alright if you have amateur video content on your channel, but make sure you make improvements in your content to attract and engage new and regular viewers.

Once you build enough content and subscriber following, you can select your most viewed videos for your to showcase in your application for sponsorship.

Build Content Backlog

Having a large content backlog is significant in gaining many subscribers. People who have seen one of your vlogs will most likely browse your other videos. If you have enough material that would keep them interested in your channel, there is a big possibility you might get sponsor button.

That is why your video content should be creative and visually appealing, and relatable as much as possible.

Provide a Business Email

A business email address on your YouTube channel will have more businesses means to get in touch with you. A dedicated business email will help direct any potential lucrative offers initially sent as messages or comments on your YouTube account.

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Follow YouTube’s Rules and Regulations

Violating the rules and regulations of YouTube can get your channel deactivated, so it is best to follow them at all times. Most companies uphold a certain moral code when it comes to brands they sponsor. Avoid posting nude photos, using unauthorized music, using foul or indecent words, or any undesirable content.

Once you have these guidelines down pat and have acquired a decent number of subscribers, you may now decide what type of sponsorship you’d like to get into. Check out other YouTube vlogging tips we have in order to improve your chances.

Types of Sponsorships

Affiliate Sponsorship

In this one, all you have to do is distribute affiliate links or codes. This codes or links can be used by your viewers to get discounts. There are two forms that are really popular:

  • Affiliate codes– Special codes that when keyed in on your partner site can give your viewers discounts, which usually ranges from 5%-15%. In turn, the affiliate codes when used by your viewers create traffic for your partner site.
  • Affiliate Links– This works the same way with affiliate codes. The only difference is that viewers will need to click on a unique link for the former to avail a certain promo or discount. In some cases, the links will be routed to a special lead generation page to help drive website traffic. While affiliate sponsorship is the least profitable, it is a good place to start for beginners.

Product Sponsorship

Before signing up, make sure that the product fits your YouTube channel profile or if the lifestyle you are selling aligns with the product. The audience will notice the mismatch, and you may not get the result you both are expecting.

Example is being a filmmaker and asking for a new vlogging camera to review.

This may be hard to acquire by small channels, but this can help your channel grow. And your task would not be too hard, you’ll just be making tutorials or reviews featuring the sponsored product.

Most channels started by buying products for their reviews. In the end, companies will give you products for free in exchange for product exposure.

This is should be your ultimate goal. The sponsors will pay you by simply talking or endorsing their product. This is usually done by dedicating brief advertising spots for the product in the middle and end of your videos.

This may be the form of sponsorship where you make the most money, but it is also the hardest to get. Joining a YouTube Network might help you in finding more opportunities.

How to Get Sponsors on Youtube

Step 1: Identify Your Audience First

You have to know your audience well for you to choose the right brand or company to seek a deal. Know your audience’s age group, the fashion trends they like, where they shop, which brands they purchase, and also the brands they have an interest in, among other things.

Knowing all of those can help you create and secure a proposal. If you successfully partnered with a brand that your audience like or can be interested in, you can quickly meet the company’s requirements. If you provide high exposure, positive reviews and significant purchases for your sponsor, a partnership renewal is possible.

Step 2: Know What You Can Offer

Sponsors want to know what you can do for them and how will you market their product. There are many ways to market products through your YouTube channel. You can create different strategies, where every strategy will have different kinds of promotion under a certain budget.

For example, you can make product reviews in exchange for free products from the brand. You can also stress you won’t guarantee a positive review; some products may not work the way it was advertised.


Step 3: Do Some Research

If you have already determined what your audience wants and what you can offer to brands, you can now start looking for relevant brands. Don’t focus on partnering with big brands; you can start seeking sponsorship from smaller brands. Just make sure that those smaller brands make quality products that your audience or subscribers may like.

In your research, you should also check if the brand wants to reach a particular target market. You can use this information when you write a proposal.

You should also consider if you like the brand or not. It is hard to market a brand if you yourself do not like or do not believe in it.

Step 4: Create Quality Sponsorship Proposals

A quality proposal is specific, detailed, and worded uniquely to the potential sponsor. Do not write a single form, generic letter where you only change the company name.

Write a personalized letter for each of the companies you are eyeing to get a sponsorship with. Make sure to properly introduce yourself, describe your content and explain to them how a partnership can benefit both sides. Outline your strategies briefly and what the company can get something of value from the partnership.

Tips on Writing Quality Proposals

  • Open With a Professional Header

In writing your sponsorship proposal, open the letter with a professional header. A professional header will make your proposal appear professional and could add to the effectiveness of company accepting your request.

Your header should start either with your organization’s letterhead. If you don’t have such, you can use a block of text at the top of the page that identifies your organization and your address.

Next, include the name and the address of the company that you are planning to have a partnership with and the date of the letter.planning

Finally, open the letter by addressing a particular person in the company that is relevant to the purpose of your letter. Do not use the phrase “To whom it may concern.” Before you contact the company, make sure you know the right person to address the letter to.

  • Describe Yourself or the Organization

Once you have a professional header and have identified the right person to send your letter, you should begin describing yourself or your organization. Keep it brief and concise. Your person who reads it must immediately get an idea of what you are doing and why you are seeking support.

After reading this part of your letter, your potential sponsor must already have an idea of who you are, what you’re doing, and why they should consider supporting you.

  • Explain The Benefits They Will Get 

Your second paragraph must briefly describe how sponsorship can benefit them. After all, the company cares about the benefit that they can get before signing a contract with you.

  • Write Your Closing Paragraph

In your final paragraph, inform them about other things that you have included in your proposal package. Your package must consist of this proposal letter, a fact sheet and also a proposal document that describes in detail the levels of involvement that they can choose from.

Step 5: Reach Out to Your Sponsors

After you have written drafts of your proposals, reach out to the sponsors strategically. Some sites have a specific process that you have to go through. Just follow everything and fill-up forms honestly. If they don’t have such, you can send your letter to the most relevant email address that is available on their website.


Submitting your proposal via the “Contact Us” page might be a shot in the dark, but a better way is to send it to an actual person via a direct email address.

Other Ways to Reach Out to

  • Cold Calling – cold calling is the least effective way to contact anyone, but this also requires the least investment on your part. The goal of cold calling is to establish a rapport between you and the other person. When you have successfully established rapport, they may discuss their objectives to you or open an opportunity for you.

To start cold calling, you should first research them online and find their contact information. It is better if you can get the contact details of the head office or of the person that is directly in charge. You can start your research on the company website or LinkedIn profiles.

  • Lumpy Mail and Follow-up – if you have found several companies during research, sending a lumpy mail might be more effective than cold calling. You can send a lumpy mail to at least ten companies, whom you see the fit to what you are offering.

A lumpy mail increases the chance of it being opened. It will certainly pique the interest of the sponsors that they would grab an opportunity to read your mail.

Make sure that you follow up with a call after a few days that you have sent the mail. If your lumpy mail caught their interest, you might have a big chance for a yes from company representative.

In addition to researching, you can also check out apps and sites that could help you start experiencing how all this looks like in real life:

Famebit and Grapevine

famebit company

These apps can help you get sponsorship for your YouTube channel. Famebit and Grapevine can help you connect with brands that can be interested in working with YouTubers.

Some of the big content creators are still using these apps. But it is perfect for small YouTubers that are looking to just get started with something.

These two can give you the easiest way to make connections.

YouTube Gaming Sponsorships

Most of the instructions in this article apply to all kinds of channels, but we’d like to expand a bit more on gaming sponsorships for small channels.

It’s almost impossable to get some company to support you when you are small channel, so here are some tips to try:

  • G2A Goldmine
  • Contact game deals site and ask if they’d like to buy 30 sec ad on your videos or something like that
  • Network with other gaming youtubers and ask them to recommend you some solutions
  • Research popular yotubuers, see hwat they are advertising both directly and indirectly and manually reach out to those companies


Grin helps YouTubers grow their channel subscriptions by giving them the chance to socialize with other content creators and encouraging collaboration. They do not work with sponsors yet, but collaboration can help a YouTuber learn more about the trade and help establish a name in the industry.

Everyone has their own phase in achieving their goal. Some may hit the jackpot and find the perfect deal in a short period, and some may have to wait to get the sweetest yes on the request. Considering how much YouTube is worth, there is lots of space for everyone to get their share.




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