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How To Collaborate On YouTube [Good Video Collab Ideas]

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Are you looking to grow your YouTube audience? Perhaps the solution to get more exposure is to team up with another vlogger!

Now you might be wondering what is a collab and what does it mean to collab with someone? Don’t worry, we created this article as the ultimate resource for everything related to that topic!

We’re not the first ones to come up with this idea. In fact, YouTube collaborations have been going on for quite a while. That’s not a surprise, given the fact that when working together, vloggers can achieve a lot!

Two YouTubers with a similar audience can double their reach if they collaborate. Even a one-time collaboration can bring you a lot of new subscribers. Of course, only if you play your cards right.

YouTube Collab Ideas

There are several ways in which two YouTubers can help one another. Making a collab video is the most common type of collaboration, but other methods also come with a lot of potentials.

Collab Video

This is the most common way of sharing the audience. Basically, two vloggers come together and make a video – it’s simple as that. One part of the video is uploaded by your collaborator, while the other goes on your channel.

This way, everyone wins! Your collaborator’s followers will have to go to your channel in order to watch the whole video. If they like what you have to offer to them, they’re likely to click Subscribe!

Guest Appearance

Here’s another good collab video idea. You can appear as a guest one of your collaborator’s videos.

You two can discuss your collaboration, or even better, create a regular video. The only difference is that the viewers will have a chance to watch two vloggers in action, not just one.

In order to attract the collaborator’s viewers to your channel, all that you’re required to do is mention your channel at the end of the video. It would also be great if the other vlogger included the links to your channel in the video description.

Guest Vlogging

If your collaborator lives far away from you, it would be difficult to come together and make a video together. You can try to use Skype and similar programs to for that, but there’s a much simpler alternative – uploading the collaborator’s video on your channel and vice versa!

This way, you are telling your viewers that your collaborating vlogger really deserves their attention. If you like what he/she has to say, your subscribers will love it too! If the collaborator does the same for your channel, both of you are guaranteed to get a lot of new viewers.

Exchanging Mentions

Here’s another very simple way of collaborating with another YouTuber. In fact, exchanging mentions is by far the easiest way, although it might not be as effective as those mentioned earlier.

Still, it’s definitely worth a try, especially because it will take only a couple seconds of your time. Basically, what you need to do is tell your audience to check out the channel of your collaborator, as there are videos that they will like.

You can put the shout-out in the outro of your videos. If you need inspiration on what to say, here are a couple of examples:

“If you liked this video, you are guaranteed to like the channel of my friend, [username]”

“Make sure to check out what my friend [username] has on his/her channel”

“If you want more videos like these, you can subscribe to my friend’s channel, [username]”

“Wanna watch more cool videos, here’s one recommendation – subscribe to [username]! He/she uploads all kinds of amazing stuff that, I’m sure, you’re gonna love”

The same should be done by your collaborator, but this method can work only if the two of you are focused on similar topics. Otherwise, not many viewers will be interested to go and check out the other channel.

Know Your Channel’s Worth

If you’re a beginner when it comes to vlogging, you probably don’t have a massive followership. But, that should not limit you to making collaborations only with newbies. Perhaps, you have something more valuable to offer to collaborators, rather than a big number of subscribers.

YT Play Button

You need to think about the things that you can offer to your potential collaborators. Those can be material things, such as an amazing camera for shooting YouTube videos. You may have an access to unique locations. You might be able to arrange interviews with interesting people or other vloggers.

If you have certain skills that other YouTube vloggers might appreciate, such as songwriting, video editing, graphic design, you can put that on the table.

Finally, you may also consider paying another vlogger for a collaboration. Believe it or not, but a fair share of YouTubers’ earnings comes from marketing deals.

So, if you’re using your channel for business purposes, it seems wise to invest something in marketing. Rather than paying thousands of dollars for ads, you can pay much less to a collaborator and instantly get a huge number of new viewers.

Choosing the Right Collaborator

If you are currently in a search for a YouTube collaborator, you are probably looking for one that has approximately the same number of subscribers as you. This might be a good way to narrow down your search, but should not be the only criteria.

Similar Content

If you are planning to make a collab video with another YouTuber, the two of you need to share the same interest. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to create a video that the viewers will like.

For example, if your blog is about cooking, you probably won’t have too much to talk with a gaming vlogger. Another reason why you need to choose a collaboration partner with similar interests is the audience! The viewers who follow a gaming channel are not very likely to subscribe to a cooking vlog.

You can make a video together on something universal and not tied to any niche, like get to know me challenge and accent tag challenge.

Surely, the collab partner doesn’t have to make the same type of videos as you. In fact, that would be a sort of rivalry that’s best to avoid. But, the collaborator needs to make videos that you find interesting.

If you like those videos, the chances are that your audience will like them as well. This also means that the collaborator’s audience is also very likely to like your videos!

Professional Attitude

Both you and your collab partner need to take your deal seriously. Each collaboration comes with a lot of potential, but the only way to achieve that potential is to be professional.

This is especially true if you’re paying for the collaboration. In that case, you need to get the most out of it. The problem is that not all YouTubers might be willing to give their best. After all, for most of them, vlogging is just a hobby.


But, if you want to monetize your YouTube videos and make a lot of profit, you will need to take the collaborations seriously. The good news is that everything is in your hands, at least, when it comes to choosing the right collab partner!

Choosing the right collaborator is probably the most important thing. If you don’t pick a vlogger who works hard to make good videos and meet deadlines, it’s your own fault. You can get upset with them, but after all, you’re the one to blame for not picking a decent collab partner.

How to Pitch Your Good Collab Idea

Even if you manage to find your ideal collaboration partner, it might not be easy to get in touch with them. This goes especially for those vloggers who are famous – they just don’t have enough time on their hands to read all messages and comments.

And even if they read your message, they might not be bothered to respond to it. Of course, this depends a lot on you, that is, on the kind of proposal you presented to them.

In order to grab their attention, you need to make sure you make the very best proposal. But, what’s best for one YouTuber is not a good choice for another. That’s why our advice is to take a look at their channel properly in order to see what might interest them.

This way, you will be able to see what you can offer them that will benefit their channel – audience, resources, etc. If you offer the collaborator what they need, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll get back to you.

Another trick to make your proposal stand out is to address the potential partner by their name. This way, the potential collaborator will now the message is coming from a real person, not a robot. Because of this, it’s wise to create a proposal for each collab partner separately, rather than sending bulk messages.

Get the Most Out of the CollaborationHandshake Symbol

Your goal should be to turn the new viewers into subscribers. The good news is that this is not that hard to achieve – the only condition is that your channel is really good!

If you don’t make quality videos, not even a collaboration with PewDiePie will bring you new subscribers. Furthermore, it’s also essential to have enough videos on your channel once the new viewers start coming. If there are just a few videos, they probably won’t see a point in subscribing to your channel.

But, your work doesn’t end there – in order to keep the followership, you will need to post new videos on a regular basis. The key is to create a schedule and stick to it.

Learn From the Best

If you’re not sure how to get the most out of the partnership with another vlogger, perhaps the solution is to take a look at how others do it. Here are some examples of the most-successful YouTube collaborations at the moment!

H3h3 Productions & PewDiePie – Ethan Klein from h3h3 Productions got together with YouTube celebrity, PewDiePie to create a super-fun collab video. The partnership brought a lot of attention to the channel of h3h3 Productions, given the fact that they collaborated with the world’s most-followed vlogger.

Flula & Madilyn Bailey – Flula gained a lot of followers for his music videos, many of which were made in his car. The Germany-born YouTuber teamed up with an American singer-songwriter, Madilyn Bailey, creating one of the best collaborations of all times.

Dottie Martin & Patty Walters – the boyfriend/girlfriend duo makes funny videos on YouTube, which often deal with daily life of teenagers, as well as problems they encounter on a regular basis. Their topics include relationships, school, partying, etc.

Joe Goes & Tanya Tate – YouTube comedian, Joe Hanson, who goes under the username Joe Goes, has made himself famous for making rather awkward interviews with celebrities. One of the celebs who found his sense of humor funny was a British adult movie star, Tanya Tate. The two went on creating a number of super-funny collab videos that benefit both of them.

Hopefully, by checking these videos, you will get inspired into getting into a collaboration with another YouTuber. Now that you have all the knowledge you need, nothing is stopping you from creating an awesome YouTube partnership!



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